Are you interested in joining a competition team? Idéfix offers you the opportunity to test your skills and represent Idéfix in competitions.

Our club consists of players from different countries over the whole world, thus the competition team will be the same. They come together and represent Idéfix in the northern region of the Netherlands.

Idéfix Competition Teams ( Spring Season)

Idéfix 1

Level- S Noord. 2e div

Jaron, Phillip, Justus


Idéfix 2

Level- S 1e klasse

Ilia, Petar, Tsvetin



Idéfix 3

Level- S 3e class

Aian, Shuyao, Deanne, Hui, Hongyu, Dong



Idéfix 4

Level- S 4e klasse

Rafael, Tim, Thomas, Maya, Melih


Idéfix 5

Level- S 5e klasse

Nadia, Deni, Eduard, Ege, Rifko

There are a few conditions that the players have to fulfil in order to join a competition team.

  1. To form a team there has to be a minimum of 4 players.
  2. All players have to be of the same skill level and will play in the class the coach thinks fits the entire team.
  3. All players must be members of Idéfix and ACLO.
  4. All members must pay the competition fee of Idéfix. For more information click here.
  5. All members must purchase an Idéfix t-shirt.
  6. As the competitions take place outside of practice time and in different areas in the northern region of the Netherlands. The members are expected to take all the details (travel time, cost, and flexibility of your schedule) into consideration before joining the team.