NORTHERN 1St division

This team is basically created by our headcoach Eelke Cramer in January 2018. The main reason to build this team was to promote to the Northern first division. This is currently realised as the team now is playing on that level. This goal wasn’t realised if it wasn’t for the strong members in it. Especially our strongest player Nishanth Nandakumar, his skills and abilities with his left hand are crazy, insane. Nishanth is the only player with more then 1600 rating points. With Nishanth on our side there is a realistic chance to maintain in this division.

Another player who is currently training abroad in Japan is Kotaro Tsuchiya. If he is in a fit condition he can beat every player in this league without hesitation. In October he will be back in Holland to shine again.

The founder of the team and captain is Eelke Cramer, the headcoach of Idéfix. Without him there probably was no team. He is responsible for the atmosphere inside the team. Because he is the only one with a car and he is always available he joins every single match. If he is not playing he is with the team to coach them to victory.

A new member of the team joined this season is the girlfriend of the founder of the team, Maartje Veenhoven. Maartje is transferred from GTTC and had already experience in the Northern second division. She is a player with deadly backhand topspin and smashing shots. This surely will be very useful to put in our arsenal.

Another member of the team is a player who is a member of Idéfix for a long time now. Two years ago he was the chairman of Idéfix and also the clubchampion. I’m talking about Arne Hommes. Arne has already experience in the Northern first division at another club.

Last but not least is our oldest player Stanley Grootbleumink. Stanley is also a member of Idéfix for quite some years now. He used to play for Idéfix in the first team when they still played in the region. His topspins are very hard to return for the opponents so we will certainly need him behind the table.

The goal for this season is to maintain in the Northern first division. It will be a challenging goal.