It is an internal competition among the members which will continue throughout the year. In this, you can challenge anyone above you on the ladder. If you get challenged and you are 1 or 2 steps above the challenger you have to accept it! However, if you are higher than 2 steps of the challenger, you can decline or accept. If you decided to accept it and if you lose, then you swap places!

There is an additional part that levels the playing field of the members challenging each other.

At the start of the ladder competition, every participating member starts with number 5 behind their name. i.e Jay 5. If you win the match (best of five), that number decreases to 4 and increases to 6 for the one who loses. In the subsequent matches, this serves as sort of a ‘handicap’ to members. The person who is lower in the ladder has to calculate the difference in the ‘handicaps’, the difference is where the person lower on the ladder starts. 

For example. Jay 2, Liam 5 and Rocky 5. Rocky challenges Liam and Rocky wins the match. Rocky’s number drops to 4, and Liam’s number increases to 6. If Liam 6 challenges Jay 2 then Liam starts every game with the difference, 4-0 (+4). By doing this it evens the playing field while still keeping it fun for members of all levels.

If you are a new player joining than you start at the bottom of the ladder.

The ultimate goal is to finish as high as possible on the ladder!

Ladder as of October 2022