Idéfix players perform on various levels, from beginner to regional top level (Noordelijke divisie)


Our licensed coach prepares exercises regarding certain techniques or tactics and supports you with knowledgable advice


We are an international group of mostly students who are in for some games and drinks after practice and having a lot of fun during our monthly activities


*The ACLO course is not organized by our association. For more information click here.

Trainings are given from September to June because of the yearly summer break from July to August.



ACLO course*:                18.30- 19.30*
Training:                          19.30-21.00

Free Play:                         21.00- 21.30



Training:                           19.00-20.30

Free Play:                         20.30- 21.30  


Training:                         19.00- 20.30  


Jan Thews

“As a dedicated table tennis trainer, I’m passionate about helping our club members achieve their full potential in this exciting sport. By day, I work as a psychologist, but by night, I’m here to share my expertise and enthusiasm for table tennis. With over two decades of experience, I bring a wealth of knowledge to our club. I played professionally for many years, competing at the international level and representing my national team. My international exposure includes extended stays in Singapore and Shanghai, which have enriched my understanding of the sport and its global perspectives.

My coaching philosophy revolves around creating an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere where everyone feels valued and can freely learn in their own tempo.Whether you’re a beginner looking for tips to get started, prefer a relaxed learning approach, or seek highly individualized coaching covering technique, mental training, and strategy, I’m here to tailor my expertise to your goals.

I’m committed to making your table tennis journey a fulfilling and enjoyable one. Let’s work together to elevate your game, both on and off the table.”


Don’t have your own material yet? No problem! At Idéfix we have a number of rackets that you can borrow during training. So you don’t have to buy expensive material right away.

In addition, we also sell Idéfix t-shits and table tennis rackets


Idefix T-shirts (dri- FIT)




Razor Edge 5 Bats