As a student club we need to keep everything running on our own. Every year we put a new board in charge to take care of the administrative and financial part of the club. We also have a party committee who organizes fun activities every month. These functions are very important, because without them our club wouldn’t exist. The people in charge are doing this voluntary, so it is very important to have a lot of active members to spread the workload over as many people as possible. Only then it will stay fun to do and can we guarantee a fully functioning club where we not only can play table tennis together, but also doing a lot of fun activities and share moments we will never forget.

BOARD 2018/2019

As a chairman, Jacco has the main responsibility of the club. He keeps the overview and is also managing the subscriptions of our members for tournaments.

06 243 986 73

Our secretary takes care of all the administration of the club. She manages the registration of members, competitionsubscription and maintains the contact with other clubs and the ACLO.

06 248 330 31

Frank is our financial brain of the club. He makes sure that we can pay the bills and buy new material. Frank can also help you with paying issues regarding the membership fee.

06 317 677 82