Idéfix 1 – DOTO 1

Idéfix 1 – DOTO 1 (19-10-2018)

First draw of the season for the first team

Groningen – Already the sixth match of the season and so far on Idéfix 1 had won 1 match and lost 4 matches in the Northern first division. Before this match against DOTO 1 from Siddeburen, Idéfix was on 7th place in the competition, gasping for air.

The setup for Idéfix to perform on stage were Nishanth Nandakumar, Kotaro Tsuchiya and Eelke Cramer. They had to face Tjeerd Hut, Reyno Hut and Erwin van der Deen.

Match 1: Kotaro vs Tjeerd 1-3
Score 0-1
Match 2: Nishanth vs Reyno 3-0
Score 1-1
Match 3: Eelke vs Erwin 3-2 
Score 2-1
Match 4: Kotaro/Eelke vs Tjeerd/Erwin 3-0 
Score 3-1
Match 5: Nishanth vs Tjeerd 1-3 
Score 3-2
Match 6: Kotaro vs Erwin 3-1
Score 4-2
Match 7: Eelke vs Reyno 0-3
Score 4-3
Match 8: Nishanth vs Erwin 3-1
Score 5-3
Match 9: Eelke vs Tjeerd 0-3
Score 5-4
Match 10: Kotaro vs Reyno 0-3
Result 5-5

As you can see Idéfix started of very well by leading 3-1, 4-2, 5-3 but DOTO always came back, resulting in a fair tie. After this result Idéfix moved up 1 spot in the poule so now Idéfix is on 6th place.

Current standings

1. Assen 2 — (48 points) 
2. Argus 1 — (39 points) 
3. Delta Impuls 1 — (37 points) 
4. Assen 3 — (32 points)
5. DOTO 1 — (32 points)
6. Idéfix 1 — (19 points)
7. DTK 2 — (18 points)
8. Dokkum 1 — (15 points)

You can see a big gap between number 5 and number 6. If Idéfix can maintain the sixth place in the end, then it all depends on GTTC 1 from Groningen if they will stay in third National division, then Idéfix could stay at this level. Otherwise there will go three teams down to Northern second division. The season is still fragile for Idéfix and they have to fight to secure the sixth spot.

After the match it was a cozy evening at the sportsbar although Kotaro already left to catch his ride to Paris, probably for a training camp or was it just as a tourist. Luckily Maartje was also there to support the team and for the sociability at the after sit with the always clubbable opponents from DOTO. I wish all readers a happy autumn break.