Delta Impuls 1 – Idéfix 1

Devastated defeat by Idéfix 1

Friday 12th October

Haskerdijken – After a very long evening with only two three gamers, four four gamers and four fifth gamers Idéfix could only take two points back to Groningen and is far away from maintaining in North first division.

It was up to Nishanth Nandakumar, Kotaro Tsuchiya and Eelke Cramer versus team Delta Impuls 1 with Sander Derkx, Wadse Temme and Hans Vlig.

After getting behind with 2-0 it was Nishanth who could win the first point for Idéfix by beating Hans Vlig in an exciting fifth gamer.

The next series of matches was al in favour for Delta Impuls. Kotaro came to short this evening, maybe jetlag from Japan. Nishanth played an equal match against Wadse but after a 2-1 lead he lost his consistency and Wadse became the better player at that moment.

Eelke was also close by a win against Hans Vlig, leading 2-1 but losing the fifth deciding game with 11-9. In his own words it was a nervous and tense match.

7-1 behind and Idéfix was just not good enough. They need more practice. In the last match in the late evening it was up to Eelke to face Wadse. It was a real thriller of a match. Eelke was down 2-1 and was searching for more power. In some way Eelke fought his way back into the match winning the fourth game with 10-12 and in the deciding fifth game Eelke took a lead, but Wadse took a good time out and he came back into the match. In the end it was Eelke that secured the second point by winning 11-13.

Concluding into a real devastated defeat and a big mental awareness for the players that this season will be a very extremely tough season for Idéfix. But we won’t give up without effort!