Actief Vries 2 – Idefix 2 (score: 4-6)

On the second of October Idefíx 2 travelled to Eelde to face their opponents Actief Vries 2. Actief eager to catch up some points on the standings played with their strongest player for the first time, Johannes Korten. Idefíx’s team consisted of Ubbi, Jacco, and Koichi whereas our opponents, Actief Vries, sent Arthus van Dorst, Nynke Hoogeveen and Johannes Korten to the matches.
We changed up the order of the matches a little because Johannes had to leave early so all of us played against him first. So first up was Ubbi against Johannes. A relatively close battle between the two which Johannes, however, won with a small margin in all three games. First point for Vries.
Second to play was Koichi who went into the game with no expectations as his opponent was around 300 ranking points above him. This is why he was so much more surprised to have left the game victoriously, 3-0 in sets. All matches extremely close so that they could have gone either way.
The third match was between Jacco and Johannes. Those two had the closest games when looking at the score board but unfortunately, it did not suffice for the victory of Jacco and so Johannes brought home the second point for Vries.
Afterwards, we resumed with the regular order in which Nynke Hoogeveen had to play against Koichi. Unaware of Nynke’s playstyle Koichi was overwhelmed with her aggressiveness and fell behind 1-7 in the first game. He kept a cool head and adjusted his playstyle which allowed him to score 8 points in a row (9-7). The match ended in a 3-0 victory for Koichi in which the longest game (17-15), score-wise, was played. (We all know how long Ubbi’s games take so they were no match for him ? )
The fifth match was fought out between Arthur and Jacco. This game looked promising for Idefíx as Jacco had a strong start leading 2-0. Unfortunately, however, Arthur proved his mental toughness by fighting his way back to the 2-2 equalizer. The fifth set was a really close battle with Jacco being ahead towards the end of the game leading 11-10. Yet, Arthur gave all he had and sealed the deal. 14-12 in the last game for him. 3-2 on the scoreboard for the home team.
The sixth match was the doubles played by Nynke and Arthur against Ubbi and Koichi. Jacco, not happy with his performance said Ubbi and Koichi should play the doubles. In the first game, Idefíx got absolutely destroyed due to their lack of focus (3-11). After this set Ubbi and Koichi had a little talk on what to improve in order to win. They were 1-3 behind when Koichi got a lucky netball. Cheeky as he is Koichi couldn’t hold back his joy and celebrated the point which shortly after he regretted and apologized for. Puzzled by this incident and how disrespectful a human being can be their opponents proceeded in disbelief. His audacity might have thrown off the opponent’s game which resulted in a 3-1 victory for Idefíx. 3-3 in total.
Match number 7 was played by Nynke and Ubbi. Ubbi did his thing and played the safe game. Being patient and sending the opponent from corner to corner. Nynke fought back quite well and looked like she had the upper hand at times. Nevertheless, she couldn’t maintain the pressure and consistency which led to a 3-0 victory for Ubbi.
In the 8th match, Arthur was up against Koichi. Those matches were pretty close, especially the two last games. But Koichi pulled through and sealed the deal twice with a 12-10 win in the last games. 5-3 on the score board.
The 9th match was played by Jacco and Nynke. Jacco demotivated due to his near loss of sight did not perform as he usually does. Withstanding a lot of Nynke’s attacks Jacco tried winning his last match of the night. Sadly, Nynke’s attacks were too consistent and aggressive for him and so she won.
The 10th and final match was between Arthur and Ubbi. Ubbi activated his “Great Wall of China”- mode in this game and kept pushing and blocking everything Arthur threw at him. As Arthur realized the fortress was impenetrable he acknowledged defeat in the 4th set. 3-1 victory and a 6-4 victory in total.
All in all a great night of table tennis and a tight victory for Idefíx. Looking forward to the next encounter. Let’s hope we’ll be victorious again ?