5th class

Our third team will be playing their matches in fifth class.

Frank, although he seems to have retired from playing his plentiful net-balls, is showing that he is more than capable of destroying his opponents without those. The fact that he does so with a smile (as well as losing, though) and a joke, makes our treasurer the perfect team-captain. He played a very nice 71% last season, but will obviously top that in this one.

Li is a very nice, very impressive guy with some very impressive attacking skills. He already showed those during the duo competition last season, and is determined to put these to use playing in the third team.

Steffi is the third player in this small team who started playing during the spring of last year, and this Kampftulpe is very determined to develop her skills. The ever-happy German/Dutch secretary will be unstoppable if she keeps improving at this rate and the fifth class is a perfect one to start in.

Completing this team is William, who will play one or two matches in case this team lacks a player. He played fourth class during the last couple of seasons, but the improvement is stagnating a little, and fifth class and focusing on training is the perfect position for him.

In the group they are in, everything is possible for this relatively new and very enthusiastic team!