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Idéfix 2 consists of Jacco Boogers, Ulrich (Ubbi) Sauerwein, Koichi Hara and Rebecca Rachow and is representing the internationality of the club perfectly in quantity but less in national diversity, counting three Germans in the team. The team has been newly composed and is also starting one league higher than last year – in the 2e kl. Altogether, we are harmonizing very well and every player makes great contributions to our team:

Jacco is probably the most positive and fair player I have ever met, usually celebrating the opponents’ points more than his owns. He would describe his style as casual: sometimes offensive, sometimes defensive.

The most stable player of the team might be Ubbi. When he sets his blocks it is very hard for opponents to break this wall of ever returning balls, which results frequently in impressive rallies.

Our third player is about to set a training record. Very ambitious, constantly improving and always taking the rest of the team along: Koichi is strengthening the team in an offensive manner.

Rebecca is completing Idéfix 2. She is catching up in practice and excited about her first season in the Netherlands. Her game is marked by intense backspin balls and speedy blocks.

After the first successful match we hope to keep up with the other teams in the pool and we are looking forward to the upcoming games.