Idéfix 2 – Detac 1

Last Friday the second team competed against the first team of Detac in a home match. Jacco skipped this time, so that Koichi, Ubbi, and Rebecca set up a team.
Ubbi and Rebecca started off against Bert and Benny in the singles. Both scored a relatively uncontested victory. In the next game, Koichi faced the best player of our league, Herman. Even though he was not really happy to already play against the strongest player in his first match, he started off well and made it in the 5th set. Unfortunately, he lost the crucial set with 11-9. Ubbi and Rebecca continued with the double against Herman and Benny but lost this tight match in five sets as well. A game on eyelevel until now: 2-2
Rebecca repeated her performance of the first game against Bert with good rallies in set 1, 3 and 4 but weaknesses in the 2nd. Ubbi had a tough time anticipating the placement of Herman’s attacks, which should have been the last victorious game for Detac of this evening. Afterwards, Ubbi racked up a win against Benny in a very exciting and tight match (10, -9, 9, 8), while Rebecca and Koichi won their remaining games each with 3-0.
With a final score of 7-3 and over a beer with our opponents we ended this match day. Let’s see if we can repeat such a good performance against DOTO3 in a home match next Friday.