Idéfix 2 – Argus 3 (score: 6-4)

Idefix 2 wins Argus 3

After the big loss against Oliemolen, Idefix 2 sent Rebecca, Jacco and Ubbi to face the league leader Argus 3, represented by Peter, Bart and Ewold.

Ubbi started against Peter who could not get into his strong attacking game due to Ubbi’s placement, first point for Idefix. In a high level match Rebecca managed to win Ewold in 5 games. Jacco played a good match against Bart both moving pretty far behind the table. Unfortunately Bart won all 3 close games, 2:1 for Idefix. After the first, bad game in the double Rebecca and Ubbi improved against Bart and Ewold and won 3:1.

The remaining 6 matches were equally distributed, 3 points for Idefix, 3 for Argus, leading to a 6:4 victory of the student club. So Argus 3 defended their first position in the table, 3 points ahead of Idefix with 2 more matches to go.