Idéfix 1 – De Treffers Klazienaveen 2 (score: 1-9)

Big in Japan Kotaro ‘Koki Niwa’ Tsuchiya saves the honour for Idéfix

Friday 2th November

Groningen – This evening the clash between Idéfix 1 and De Treffers Klazienaveen 2 was happening. It became a catastrophic miserable evening for Maartje Veenhoven, Eelke Cramer and Kotaro Tsuchiya.

It’s easy when you’re big in Japan, the eastern sea’s so blue.

After 0-9 behind it was Kotaro to play the last match against Rudy Franke. Could Kotaro find the samurai in him and save the honour and write history once and forever?

Kotaro was fast as the wind, quiet as the forest, aggressive as fire and immovable as a mountain. Kotaro stood strong in the face of death. He won the match by 3-2 and wrote history!

The one point was a big point for Idéfix and we celebrated like we became champions after this pathetic defeat at the ACLO.