Dokkum – Idéfix 1 (score: 4-6)

Will Idéfix secure their first victory of the season?

This Saturday the third match was on schedule for Idéfix 1. Arne, Eelke and Maartje left in the afternoon to the Frisian city Dokkum.

After a nice cup of coffee and some warm up balls, Maartje started to play against Theo de Vries. The first two games was uncomfortable for Maartje and she lost both games with 11-4. After this Maartje started to play better and stronger and because she won the next three games she sealed the first point for Idéfix.

Eelke entered the stage to play against Richard Westera. Eelke also had to get some feeling and lost the first two games. After this Eelke regained the match to equalise to 2-2. In the final game Eelke started very well, but he lacked confidence to finish the match.

On Z was Arne drafted and he started against Marc Heslinga. The games went very narrow and both players didn’t let each other a lot of space to get in charge. Unfortunately Arne could not finish it and the point went to Dokkum.
The doubles was a battle between Eelke and Maartje versus Theo and Richard. Above expectation the double went very well, putting the opponents under pressure. A 3-1 victory was the result.
Maartje versus Richard. Let’s keep it short. Maartje and pimples = not a good match and besides that Maartje was too wild in her playstyle. A fast victory for Richard.

In the meantime the score was 3-2 for Dokkum.
Arne versus Theo. Despite the nice rallies, it was hard for Arne to break through the solid game of Theo and because of that Arne lost the match in three games.
4-2 for Dokkum and Idéfix started to realise that they are in last place. To stay connected and keep the teams in their sight Idéfix was in desperate need for points.

It started well because Eelke won from Marc. Despite the precarious from Eelke, a combination of lack of concentration and some wild play, in the end Eelke could win the fifth game with 11-4.
Arne versus Richard. Idéfix found out that Arne is a real expert on how to play against pimples, also because his roots from DOTO he executed his tactic almost flawless and because of that he won his first match of the season with a 3-0 victory!

Maartje versus Marc. In the first game Maartje couldn’t reach for her true potential, but later on she started to play and got feeling and confidence in her powerfull backhand once again, that’s why she won the next three games. 3-1!

The sense of awareness was on for Idéfix because the score now is 5-4 in front! Would Idéfix secure their first victory of the season at this high level in the Northern first division?

It all came down to the last match between Eelke and Theo. The first game Eelke played well and he won this one with 11-9. After this Eelke was restless and also getting a little bit passive, resulting in losing the next two games with 11-3 and 11-2. Eelke needed to get his backhand to the next level to get Theo under pressure and keep the initiative. Many rallies were played diagonally onto the backhand because both player were capable of a powerful forehand. Finally in the fifth game Eelke could lead and seal the win for Idéfix with 11-8 resulting in a 6-4 victory for Idéfix!

After the match followed a cozy afterparty with a couple of beers. In the end a successful evening!

Next weekend we play no match because were going on a members weekend to Schiermonnikoog. On Saturday 6th October Idéfix will play their next match in Assen against Assen 3.