Actief Vries 7 – Idéfix 3 (score: 4-6)

Yesterday, our third team played their third match of the season, against Actief Vries in Eelde.
William started his first match of the season with a big 11-4 loss in the first game against Klaas, but he recovered by playing more defensively in the three games to follow.
Next, Frank played a convincing match against Elles, by playing patiently and applying some very precise attacks whenever he saw the possibility.
Steffi started with a thriller against Jeroen, but she managed to secure the third point for Idéfix in the fifth game. With a one hundred percent score out of the singles so far, it was up to Frank and William to continue this success in the doubles match against Klaas and Elles. Klaas and Elles simply played very well together, Frank and William did exactly the opposite. We might take some more words to describe that match, there is not much more to say about it .
William played Elles next, and although Elles played well, the sidespin balls were too much for her and the score was 4-1 for the students.
Steffi played against the very strong Klaas next, and she improved significantly every game. After 11-2 in the first, the second game was 11-5 and in the third she figured out how to play against Klaas. Coming back to 10-10, it was very tight, but Klaas managed to just reel it in for the home team.
Frank played Jeroen after this one and although Frank was caught off-guard in the first game by the topspin balls and the serves, he recovered very well and ensured the evening would not end in a loss for us in the three games to follow. Next up, Elles lost her bat, so Jeroen and William played their match. Jeroen’s playing style was perfectly suited to William’s game, and the latter secured his third win of the evening.
With a bat borrowed from William, Elles played the match against Steffi, who did not have the proper response the left-hander playing her strong forehand balls deep into our secretary’s backhand. (But actually…it was the fault of William that Steffi lost this game, because he gave his bat to our opponent.  )
Frank played some very impressive fast balls in this last match against Klaas, but the ill Frank was not on top his game, something required to beat a strong player like Klaas. 
Altogether, the evening ended in a 4-6 victory and our team will have quite some time to prepare for the next match, that will be played against WTTC on October the second.