Introduction Weeks 2022

Last month, the introduction began to show the city of Groningen to the new incoming students at the University and Hogeschool. With that, we have been present for both of the introduction weeks for ESN and KEI. 

On 17 august the Sportplaza (KEI week) was held for the day. During this time the students were able to access the ACLO as well as all the sports offered by them and clubs in the facility. Idéfix was present for the Sportplaza, we received and welcomed a large number of enthusiastic students who were eager to play table tennis  for fun with friends or students who played competitively in their home countries and were excited to see what the club has to offer

On the weekend of September 3 and 4, ESN meets ACLO took place. During those days we changed up how everything worked. We provided all the groups with a short introduction to table tennis, by doing this we reinforced their previous experience of TT and helped the new players who have never held a TT racket before. We also invited students from there to join our practices to see what our training is like.

The introduction weeks were definitely a success in our eyes (the Board of Idéfx). It was also a pleasant experience for our existing members to communicate with potential new members, but more importantly, it was a fun event that brought all of the clubs together to help introduce new incoming students!

Intro week 2022 was a success!!!