Dokkum – Idéfix 1 (score: 4-6)

Will Idéfix secure their first victory of the season? This Saturday the third match was on schedule for Idéfix 1. Arne, Eelke and Maartje left in the afternoon to the Frisian city Dokkum. After a nice cup of coffee and some warm up balls, Maartje started to play against Theo de Vries. The first two […]

Idefix 2 – Oliemolen 1

Yesterday we welcomed the first team from Oliemolen in our hall. Koichi, Ubbi and Rebecca were nominated for the singles and Jacco supported us in the double. We didn’t start well and faced a 1-3 backlog after the first 4 matches. Ubbi didn’t find his game against Tinus Pijpstra at all and Rebecca had a […]

Idéfix 1 – Argus 1

The trainer saves the honor for Idéfix The second match for the first team started right on schedule at 19.30 pm. Our opponents was the first team of Argus from Harkstede. With ex-major league player Erik van der Greft, sportmanlike Gert Storteboom and fighter Norbert Schuur. Selected for Idéfix were headman Nishanth Nandakumar, captain Eelke […]

Assen – Idéfix 1

Idéfix 1 returns with two points to Groningen
Today it was the debute for Idéfix 1 to play in the highest league of the North division. The opponent was Assen 2, in our eyes, the only contestant to win the title. Meaning every single point was a win for Idéfix. All opponents had already experience to play National third division so the under(idéfix)dog position was clearly for Idéfix.

Detac – Idéfix 2

”Who of them did I play already?” The new table tennis season started with a few changes for Idefix 2. Due to our Chinese veteran Wen moving to China, Rebecca and Jacco joined the team. This season they will smash the small balls in 2nd class, due to the great succes in 3rd class last […]