Information on competition

Members of Idéfix all have the possibility to play competition against other teams in the region. We have a changing number of teams and we are represented in different leagues in the region (the lowest until 1st league).

If you play competition, you will be in a team with 2, 3, 4 or 5 others, depending on your availability. Every match 3 people play, so you don’t have to play every match. Half of the matches will be played in our hall, and half of the matches you play at the opponents somewhere in the region. All matches in our hall are at 19.00 Friday evening, the matches somewhere else can be on every evening between Monday and Friday.

There are two competitions during the year: from February to April and from September to December. If you’re a member of Idéfix, you will receive an email when can sign up for the next competition. This will be a few months before the competition really starts. If you’re interested in playing competition but you’re not a member yet, send an email to